Prada Prada, Beverly Hills
Prada, Beverly Hills

We have learned so much from the earth; the perseverance of minerals, the duality of fire and the generosity of the soil. We recognize beauty through nature and in time seek methods to express gratitude and protect our selfless teacher.

Since the beginning, Ananas Ananas has exalted the importance of sustainability, bringing to the table the issues regarding the preservation and protection of our environment and its precious resources. In simile to Prada’s new collection using lab grown diamonds, we propose an experience using only ethical vendors of lab grown produce and fish farmed in controlled environments in Baja California.

Showcasing the menu in an exhibition format, to create a conscious conversation around the similarities between sustainable farming and lab grown diamonds.


Abalone with saffron oil and lemon topped with crispy leeks

Roasted golden beets filled with olive oil gelée topped with shaved truffle

Seaweed golden caviar with cashew cream and blue oyster mushrooms on glass potato chip

Yellow oyster mushrooms with tosazu dressing on rye cracker with browned butter and Parmesan

Mini charcoal maritozzi with corn cream

Fish terrine with dehydrated olive powder


Metal sheets laser cut and bent into round tip skewers, triangular heights and circular wells.

Cartier Luis Adelantado Gallery, Mexico City
Luis Adelantado Gallery, Mexico City

Throughout elements of subtle visual repetition and vivid color, the edible piece presented alludes to emblematic patterns that in relation to light projection reflects bodies like precious stones of Cartier metal works.


Compound butter with truffle

Sourdough bread

French Emmental, smoked Provolone, Fontina and Roquefort cheeses

Wild mushroom ceviche

Clarified tomato gelée

Bass and codium terrine

Crystallized potato and seaweed caviar

Marshmallow coconut pillows

Chocolate-matcha fudge

Rose and Raspberry Diamond Jellies

Tuna charcuterie

Iberian ham


Light boxes in various shapes and sizes

Low wooden table in custom shape

Wooden "stairs" for some light boxes to sit on

Fishing wire

Photographer: Maya Kariana
Crosby Studios The Frankie Shop West Hollywood
West Hollywood

Edible minimal sculptures in neutral colors showcasing the clean looks of The Frankie Shop. The immersive experience will be represented by repetitive patterns and singular shapes in contrast with mirror-like metals.


Marinated white bean and olives

Pickled purple carrots

Miso glazed onigiri wrapped in purple shiso leaf

Cashew cream with balsamic on a black leather crepe

White tea and wild blackberry jelly wrapped in purple basil


25 custom aluminum trays with steel balls as feet and the AnanasAnanas logo in the center.

Cultured Magazine The Future Perfect The Goldwyn House, Los Angeles
The Goldwyn House, Los Angeles

Following the curatorial vision of The Future Perfect house, this installation is designed as though it lives indoors with the rest of the furniture. A poetic act of becoming one with this piece, it allows guests to pick and eat mushrooms directly from the light fixtures.

Marinated blue oyster mushrooms
Marinated yellow oyster mushrooms
Trumpet mushrooms
Algae caviar
Cashew cream with cilantro oil

Wooden platform
Cotton lampshades
Food grade silicone
Steel wire pins

Photographer: Jason Sean Weiss
Design Within Reach Design Within Reach, West Hollywood
Design Within Reach, West Hollywood

Menu presented as a statement piece and conversation starter between guests, inspired by the exotic combinations of 70’s dinner parties in a state-of-the-art presentation.


Candied kumquat on cylinder goat cheese

Pickled fruits on chocolate cylinder pedestals

Shrimp filled with cashew lemon aioli

Brioche bread with peas and mushroom cream

Jumbo marinated olives with cracker crust



White wooden platform

Polished stainless steel arms with discs

Off-white Hay plates

Saie Beauty

This project's objective was to represent Saie's products by creating a high-performance experience with modular designs to elevate the senses of beauty. The trays were custom designed and produced; 76 stainless steel trays and caddys for the Saie 2024 Masterclasses held for the duration of the year.

Hay Design x Herman Miller Eames House, Los Angeles
Eames House, Los Angeles

Design directing from the iconic Eames picnics and the Herman Miller modern classics, we present a menu that is an abstract tribute to the two. Subtle enough to allow the new furniture collection to take center stage, yet striking with an edible piece where Ananas Ananas and HM’s visions align: Authentic, fresh and timeless.


Deviled eggs
Poached stone fruit salad; “Hang-It-All” inspired
Stacked layered sandwiches of charcuterie, bell peppers, sun dried tomato and cheese
Potato and artichoke tart
Sharable dark chocolate cake

Art Basel '23 Mastercard & Cultured Magazine The Standard Hotel, Miami Beach
The Standard Hotel, Miami Beach

The edible immersive experience will highlight the slow building processes and material lifetime of “Dos Puntos” through a larger-than-life installation. The large interactive installation will be made from various materials and mimic Object-102.

Following a clockwise journey, making an illusion of time, food will be placed in a circular perimeter around the large object on top of metal discs that will be propped up by aluminum scraps. The large structure will sit on top of a white wooden platform to give an elevated, gallery-feel amidst the green grass.


Pink deviled eggs
Cubed croissants
Pomegranate jelly
Orange and white jelly

Wooden platform
Mirrored stainless steel balls
Mylar tubes
Mirrored vinyl
Aluminum bricks
Aluminum arms
Aluminum discs
Acrylic trays

Photographer: Hannah Tacher
Dries Van Noten Dries Van Noten, West Hollywood
Dries Van Noten, West Hollywood

Abstract formed Lavash bread accompanied by Oaxacan cheese and dried Hoja Santa. Extra virgin olive oil with cold pressed Serrano and bell pepper drops contained within a silicone shape. The intertwine of staple ingredients from Mexican and Armenian cultures represents the roots of Ananas Ananas.

Infused olive oil
Hoja Santa
Oaxacan Cheese

Wooden pedestals

Photographer: Jason Renaud
Tequila 1800 JO-HS Gallery JO-HS Gallery, Mexico City
JO-HS Gallery, Mexico City

Ananas Ananas and Tequila 1800 present this exhibition as an offering to each of their distillates in a fluid, circulating and reflective form, a conversational piece that pronounces the existing flavors and textures of its body in the following dinner.

Photos by: Juan Hernandez
Zona Maco '21 Studio Ima Studio Ima, Mexico City
Studio Ima, Mexico City

There is a lot of life happening around us that we don’t see, more so than the life we do. As part of Art Week in Mexico City Ananas Ananas presented the temporary food artwork, “Second Life”. A representation of living organisms unseen by the naked eye, that preserve food by the existence of another life. Showcased by fermented and cured foods this installation conveys the beauty of a second life. 

The potato structure represents life that happens underground, in the dark and out of our eyes view. It is the portrayal of being fed directly by the Earth. The potatoes house the micro organisms that live inside the kefir aioli.

 Using a Mayan technique, the floating salt cured fish with Recado creates an environment for the fish to be reborn as a new nourishing sustenance. The artists stand for preservation as a solution to solve issues around food waste and elongate the shelf life of many ingredients. This artwork will continue living on within the people who consume it as part of a new life cycle.

Roasted baby potatoes with kefir aioli wrapped in a sage leaf
Charred purple carrots with Recado
Salt cured fish

Photographer: Almendra Isabel
Zona Maco '20 Tezontle Teztontle Studio, Mexico City
Teztontle Studio, Mexico City

This installation was designed with scrap materials from Tezontle Studio’s artistic processes and used to create a set for the menu.

Custom chocolate “rock”
Custom butter “rock”
Marbled meringue
Charcoal bread
Salt cured fish
Charred lemons
Roasted Potatoes
Crispy kale

Silicone mold of a large rock for the chocolate
Silicone mold of a small rock for the butter

Photographer: Almendra Isabel
Cycora® Sized Studio, Los Angeles
Sized Studio, Los Angeles

Various installations with and without food that will communicate facts about how the garment industry operates with recycled material now and how Cycora® operates, pushing the boundaries with a new system and technology.

Fingerling potato with Recado paste and black garlic
Stacked black crepes with black sesame seeds
Tofu Soppressata
Sautéed chickpeas
Sardine pâte
Spicy vegan cheese
Apple galette

Custom aluminum trollies
Custom aluminum wall hooks
Custom acrylic mold for vegan cheese
Aluminum cylinders and sheets cut to size for custom tables
Bioresin plates


Photographer: Matt Morris