Ananas Ananas Vol.1

 “...el libro ilustra su visión como artistas con dibujos, notas, textos y recetas que han sido determinantes para su identidad durante sus exhibiciones y experiencias anteriores, reflejando su reconstrucción del fine dining, explorando la dimensión sentimental y experimental de la comida, de la cual aflora un universo lleno de abstracciones.” L’OFFICIEL MEXICO

“...the book illustrates their vision as artists with drawings, notes, texts and recipes that have been their identity during their previous exhibitions and experiences reflecting their reconstruction of fine dining and exploring the sentimental and experimental dimension of food from which emerges a universe full of abstractions.” L’OFFICIEL MEXICO


This book is the first thing we have designed and produced ourselves that isn’t edible. We wanted to give insight into our creative process, give our photos a chance to live as prints and create a tangible keepsake of our work.

We decided to publish independently mostly because we wanted to keep it real and make it as personal as we could. Thank you for being part of the journey contained in these pages.

- Price in USD
- 9” x 6.5”
- 52 pages
- Offset print
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