is an artist duo working with food as a medium.
Their audience interacts with food in a way that is multi-sensory and experimental. Unlike other mediums, their artwork is temporary, has to be enjoyed mindfully and in the present moment.

x Sunday Suppers
01 20, Mexico City

Immersive Dining Experience

A global dinner series interpreted by Ananas Ananas took place at La Metropolitana Studio, to incorporate the comfort and community familiar with a family meal at home, while still prioritizing new experiences, connections, and ways to eat. The diners were asked to eat bread hanging in the middle of the table and to enjoy the sculpturally designed table which included the following dishes: pickled peaches with mole, market panzanella with rainbow carrots, charred chicken with olives, garlic turmeric congee and a deconstructed raspberry pie with whipped pont-l'evêque.

Digital photos by: Katie June /  Film photos by: Socker Studio

Flowers by: Efe Atelier
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