at Studio IMA
04/21, Mexico City

There is a lot of life happening around us that we don’t see, more so than the life we do. As part of Art Week in Mexico City Ananas Ananas presented the temporary food artwork, “Second Life”. A representation of living organisms unseen by the naked eye, that preserve food by the existence of another life. Showcased by fermented and cured foods this installation conveys the beauty of a second life.

The potato structure represents life that happens underground, in the dark and out of our eye views. It is the portrayal of being fed directly by the Earth. The potatoes house the micro organisms that live inside the kefir aioli.

Using a Mayan technique, the floating salt cured fish with recado creates an environment for the fish to be reborn as a new nourishing sustenance. The artists stand for preservation as a solution to solve issues around food waste and elongate the shelf life of many ingredients. This artwork will continue living on within the people who consume it as part of a new life cycle.

Photos by: Ananas Ananas

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