at The Hammer Museum
09/29, Los Angeles

Drawing inspiration from Place & Space, a book by David Montalba, we designed a menu presented as a way to pay homage to the theory of “essentialism” followed by Montalba. Allowing the food installation pieces to communicate similar design principles that the firm stays true to. We have designed this installation to elevate the feeling of being in a museum by using white pedestals gathered together in the middle of the space as well as a mountain of pebbles that are a common medium throughout most of the spaces designed by Montalba.

Crispy seaweed ribbons and labne dip
Yellow and green tomatoes with infused olive oil
Rectangular black corn crackers
Sobrasada landscape with white endive garden
White fish tartar, tomatillo jelly and French sorrel leaves
White miso onigiri on furikake flakes
Honey comb toffee

Photos by: Ananas Ananas

© Ananas Ananas 2023

All Rights Reserved