Lucho Martínez
Montserrat Garza
Bernardo Galindo y Alejandro Zárate
Elena Reygadas

07 21, Los Angeles

Immersive Dining Experience

Memory lives everywhere…
Wooden tables hold in their very fibers the memory of being connected to the soil
They also hold the laughter and tears of the ones who sat around it
Stones intertwine with the roots of a thousand beets and carrots as they grow
And then spark the flame that will cook them over the fireplace.
Bread is kneaded by hands that were held and kissed by someone
Hands that will literally build bridges and tear them down…
Memory lives everywhere and we are all entagled
By the fruits
By the butter
By the fire and the water and the smoke
To share is to acknowledge our need for warmth 
Our need to see each other
In our imperfect natural grace and laugh
So lets let ourselves be submerged by the memory
let's honor the bond
Memory lives everywhere…