at Atrio in Platform LA
09/29 & 9/30, Los Angeles, CA

Finding inspiration from Atrio’s philosophy and its similarities with Ananas Ananas’s artwork, an edible message is created around the tablescape of this menu. A curated art piece at the space shifts the sensation of homeware retail into indoor nature creating a togetherness environment.

Burrata flower with olive and corn crackers
Poached finger grapes over broken cheese
Pickled fruit liquid with floating shiso leaf and Uni
Clam ceviche, poached tomato, leche de tigre
White miso onigiri
Radish filled with chive butter
Chocolate Mousse

Lemon saffron tequila margarita with pistachio salt
Watermelon cucumber vodka tonic
Rice and burnt milk agua fresca

Photos by: Shelby Moore

© Ananas Ananas 2023

All Rights Reserved